Connection to Binance

This guide helps you in a few simple steps to configure the connection to Binance with the correct settings.

The rapid development of crypto technologies pushes on the adaptation of not only market participants but also devs of trading applications. 3rd dimension trading platform continues to expand its list of crypto connections and offers to an increasing number of traders the usage of cool charting and analytical functionality.

We are pleased to introduce the new crypto exchange β€” Binance β€” in the arsenal of our trading application's connections. It means that now you can trade in crypto-currencies, using a wider trading functionality list:

  • Flexible customization of trading workspaces with an ability to create Binds of panels and save it as Templates.

  • Time & Sales panel, allowing to filter the trades over a specified size.

  • Placing orders via the powerful DOM trader panel.

  • Crypto-balances panel for checking your wallets.

  • Crypto Order Entry panel, for convenient opening of crypto orders.

  • Various order types, chart types, drawings, and indicators.

  • History Player panel, that allows conducting manual backtesting of your trading strategy without any risk. More details about it you can read in our review article, which reveals the main points of using this module.

  • 24/7 market access just like the exchanges.

How to start trading on Binance exchange using 3rd dimension platform?

  1. Open and fund a Binance account at

  2. Download 3rd dimension platform and launch it. More detailed instruction how to install 3rd dimension app.

  3. Generate an API key on Binance to create a trade connection with 3rd dimension. Use this API key to log into the platform.

You may watch a short video, demonstrating the basic principles of getting started with Binance in 3rd dimension application:

Important: Order execution happens on the exchange side. We are merely displaying the information that we receive from the exchange.

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