First start

After installation, the platform will start automatically with default workspace and Emulator connection to test the functionality.

The first start of 3rd Dimension terminal brings you the testing environment with the key trading features allowed. This state can be called DEMO-mode, but in spite of other platforms, 3rd Dimension doesn't require you to register in order to try. Once the platform was launched, you will get several elements of the platform, automatically created for testing purposes:

  • "Bind" with several most popular trading panels

  • An active connection to Emulator

  • An opened positions (can be seen in positions panel)

Default Workspace with merged panels in Bind

From this point, you can start using 3rd Dimension. Try to customize the workspace, open new panels or create your first orders.

An emulator is a DEMO connection, available in 3rd Dimension connections screen. Technically, it is a special module of 3rd Dimension’s core, that provides generated quotes and emulates a trading process. This means that once you've connected to Emulator, it will start to produce the fake quotes for a limited list of symbols. Just for testing purposes!

Please note! Emulator consumes a certain amount of resources of your PC, so it can influence its performance. We recommend you to disconnect in case you don’t use it.

By default, you will be using 3rd Dimension platform in free version, where you have a limited functionality. The list of features, that available in FREE version you can find on a Pricing page of 3rd Dimension website.

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