Connection to Bitmex

As we continue our struggle to adding exchange connections like CQG, the platform receives more and more useful and important features.

Today we present version 1.33, which is included:

  • long-awaited BitMEX (only market data) with the possibility of demo trading via Trading Simulator panel

  • a new panel for combining two different connections into one β€” Symbol Mapping Manager

  • Chart Alerts functionality for notification of the price crossing of a specified level

  • Adding trading via Option Analytics panel, as well as various fixes

We know that many of our users are waiting for integration to BitMEX crypto exchange. Such popularity is explained by the fact that it is possible to trade derivatives for different currency crypto (futures).

That's why today we’ve made the first step towards full-fledged integration β€” we connected the market data from the BitMEX exchange. In the next step, we will add real trading.

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