3rd Dimension Telegram Bot

Get important notifications directly to your Telegram account about Price Targets and Trading operations

3rd Dimension Alert Bot will send a message to your Telegram account about all events that you set in the platform. For example, set a price alert on the chart, and when the price will reach this level, a notification to the messenger will be sent.

How to add Telegram Bot to your account?

To add a bot to the Telegram, open the platform's General Settings -> Messengers -> Duplicate alerts to Telegram.

  • Specify your personal chat ID, which you can find out by clicking on the Get ID button.

  • A new Chat ID Echo bot will open and it will show "Your Telegram Chat ID is: xxxxxxx". Enter your chat ID in the corresponding field

  • Connect to the 3rd Dimension Alert Bot.

How to get notifications from Telegram Bot?

Telegram Bot sends notifications about alerts that you have set on active Charts or through a Watchlist. If you don't have any alerts yet, the bot will be in standby mode.

Once your alert is triggered, you will receive a telegram notification with the following text:

"Chart alert on BTC/USDT: Price 40,931.20 reached."

If you activate the 'Duplicate Trading Notifications to Telegram' option, all trading messages will be automatically forwarded to Telegram.

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